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SINOPEC Jiangsu Oil Products Company

Sinopec Jiangsu Oil Products Company is a state run large petroleum exchange enterprise. Facing the sea, it locates at the delta of Yangtze River where there is large market and the geographical advantage. Jiangsu Provincial Oil Corporation was founded in 1953; in July 1998 it was wholly changed to be under Sinopec. Ltd. In early part of 2000, the core business of Sinopec Jiangsu Oil Products Company was listed in the oversea stock market with Sinopec. Ltd., and the non-listed part was finally formed China Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. Jiangsu oil. In the year of 2004, in accordance with the unified arrangement of the Sinopec headquarters, JOP jointed venture with Shell the refined oil retail company which got the first approval of the State Council China's and the first of Sino-foreign joint venture company. 

JOP has 14 area branches including Nanjing Branch, etc, which is mainly engaged in four products of gasoline, kerosene, diesel and lubricating oil and other petroleum products and non-fuel products business. 

In the year of 2011, while facing the fierce market competition and under the correct leadership and strong support of Sinopec Corp., the provincial party committee, and the provincial government, JOP thoroughly implemented the scientific concept of development, effectively carried out the state-owned enterprises "three responsibilities", Jiangsu petrol accomplish the operation targets from the headquarters. IN the year 2011, JOP has selled oil over 1000 million-ton mark with the supply of refined oil ratio about 70%. The non-fuel products turnover of more than 600 million yuan. concerted struggle, conquered difficulties, achieved better work performance, In operation, the ability of guarantying the supply, improving efficiency, preventing the risk, and continuing growth is stepping forward. Integrated service capabilities and brand image are enhanced by the hard work of network development and station reconstruction,To the end of the year 2011, JOP has over 2300 petroleum stations on work.IN 2011 JOP speed up the construction of the CNG/LNG station. Pipeline in South Jiangsu proceeded smoothly. In management, JOP actively promote the "three bases" work; carry out "I need security" theme activities, and a comprehensive risk identification and assessment; To serve, to excel" activities and work hard to achieve the customers, the employees double satisfaction. All levels of leaders among the masses, deep into the line, care staff, enhance the enterprise centripetal force and cohesion. 

address:Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, No. 395, Zhongshan North Road 
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