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SINOPEC Anhui Oil Products Company

Sinopec Anhui Oil Products Company (hereinafter referred to as “Anhui oil branch”). According to China petrochemical overall reorganization, restructuring listed deployment, at the end of 2000 by the original Anhui province oil corporation established large-scale oil sales restructuring joint-stock enterprise, main gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, lubricating oil, fuel oil sales, storing, transportation, oil, gas, in addition to the design, installation, facilities and liquefied petroleum gas, asphalt, chemical mature and so on many kinds of business. 

Located in hefei, Anhui oil branch, by 2011, ownsgas stations 1457 in business. Total assets 7.64 billion yuan, fixed assets 4.13 billion yuan.In the camp oil depot 22with them. Railway private sidings 17th, chief 14713 meters, receive and unload oil wharf 12 seats. 

By 2011, Anhui oil branch adhere to the "protect security, the market, the stable, increasing benefits" the policy, vigorously promotes each work practice, enterprise's whole operation level and step on to a new step. Year-round operation total 472 tons. 

Address: China, Hefei, Anhui Tunxi Road 188 
Zip code: 230009 
Fax: 0551-2212900 
Tel: 0551-2212800 
E-mail: ahsyzjb@sina.com