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SINOPEC Jiangxi Oil Products Company

Sinopec Jiangxi Oil Products Company(Jiangxi Oil Branch)is the main channel of Jiangxi province oil product sales. It was founded in October, 1950, and was the province-owned Jiangxi province oil corporation formerly. It is the state-owned large enterprise specializing of refined oil in Jiangxi. In 1998, according to the state council about petroleum and petrochemical system reform plan,Jiangxi province oil corporation and affiliated county oil company merges into China petrochemical group company. In February 2000, according to China petrochemical group unified arrangements, the main business of Jiangxi oil company reorganized into China petrochemical Co., LTD. Jiangxi oil branch,and the secondary business was forming China petrochemical group Jiangxi oil corporation. In April 2007, the secondary business was again transferred into China petrochemical group assets management Co., ltd., Jiangxi oil branch. In 2009, company upgraded to a large type enterprise. After 60 years of development, especially the great-leap-forward development in recent years, Jiangxi oil branch established a comparatively mature store, ship and sale network in Jiangxi province. 
The company mainly manages product oil, sinopec lubricants, fuel oil, gas marketing and storage, petroleum chemical products sales transportation, convenience store and the non-oil sales. The company has 12 municipal branches. The company pays attention to management innovation, team construction and enterprise culture construction. “Honesty” is the core value of enterprise culture. 
With a good sales network solid oil resources guarantee and quality marketing services, the company has been occupying the Jiangxi province's most widely sales, biggest radiation, customer satisfaction, highest competitiveness of regional oil sales, channel and the strongest position. The company insisted on the principle ofresponsibility, and care overall situation, earnestly perform their corporate social responsibility, have good social reputation, it was awarded by the state council and Jiangxi government “resistance ice relief advanced collective”. In 2008, it was appraised as the first Jiangxi top 10 charity unit of the province. It has won the title ofcompany “advanced units of production safety”.

Address: Hongdu North Road, No. 102 Nanchang, Jiangxi
Postal Code: 330046 
Fax :+86 (791) 8512247 
Tel :+86 (791) 8511107 
E-mail: jxsy@sinopec.com