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SINOPEC Shandong Oil Products Company

SINOPEC Shandong Oil Products Company has 17 branches at prefecture level, the company’s business scope includes: Petroleum and natural gas sales; pipeline transportation of natural gas; newspaper and journal retail chain operation; books, tobacco and prepackaged foods sales; lubricating oil, fuel oil, asphalt and other chemical products (dangerous chemical articles not included) sales and storage; convenience store merchandise business; car wash services; automotive equipment sales; rental; fertilizer, ironware and Needles textiles sales; sales agent of lottery tickets, air tickets, train tickets. 

As the main channel of finished oil in Shandong Province the company is the largest finished oil Company. Through year’s development, a finished oil-marketing network has been formed with rational distribution, complete function, smooth flow and forceful assurance. 

Their development goal is to build itself into a Integrated, specialized, standardized, information-based finished oil Chain operator. Persisting in taking the needs of the market as its orientation and taking economic efficiency as its central task, adhere to high standards, and strive to do practical work, open up new achievements, the company manages to deepen reform, change operating system and strengthen its management. 

Actively create a "I give you the cause of fuel, you add luster to my life," service brand, and implement the management concepts "Everyone concerned with the enterprises and enterprises concerned with everyone". Besides, it has devoted major efforts to promotion and launched first-rate service activities to constantly enhance the strength of the enterprise and make its products more competitive. All these efforts have facilitated the enterprise to develop in a sustainable, healthy and steady way. 

Address: 9# Sinopec building No. 13777, Jingshi Road, Jinan City, Shandong, P.R.China
Zip code: 250014 
Tel: (86) 531-85856666 85857777 
Fax: (86) 531-85856789 
E-mail:office.sdsy@ sinopec.com