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SINOPEC Henan Oil Products Company

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Henan Oil Branch, abbreviated form HNPC, is a unique oil products marketing embranchment of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation in Henan Province which mainly engages in wholesale and retail business of gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and lubricants; which scope of business involves that fuel oil, liquid gas, natural gas, foodstuff, cigarette, and cigars in retail business; petrochemicals, chemical fiber, asphalt and other allied oil products in sales business; information and technical research, development and application; daily use articles sale and car wash service. 

HNPC is a main supply channel of petroleum products in refined oil market of Henan Province. It is obligated to guarantee the stable supply of more than 70% oil products within the boundaries of Henan Province. It also pays for industrial and agricultural production, and other relevant industry production and domestic city living oil, meanwhile, continues to make a positive contribution to the economic development in Henan Province. The predecessor of HNPC was Henan Petroleum General Corp., which was established in July, 1950 and which was affiliated with Henan Provincial Commerce Department. In July, 1998, in accordance to the decision made by the State Council, which established China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (SINOPEC). The Henan Petroleum General Corp. was put under the administration of Sinopec. Company name makes change in China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Henan Oil Petroleum Corp. Since Oct, 2000, based on Sinopec’s requirements of overally re-organizing, China Petro-Chemical Corporation borrowed an approach of exclusive initiated to established China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, and then organized China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Henan Oil Branch. 

The construction of economic zones in central China of Henan province with steadily advancing, under the concern and support of SINOPEC and Henan Provincial Party Committee and Henan provincial government, HNPC in 2011 aims market-oriented to efficiency and insist to be a center with benefit, to advance the level of information application as the promotion approach, to comprehensively improve the management and essential safety is further promoted, to increase market share and effective implementation of the strategy for the development and strengthen construction of team of Party member, to actively create first-class provincial advanced enterprise of refined oil distribution. Standing at the height of politics, overall situation, and responsibility, we will continue to complete services during particular periods such as “3 summer” and “3 autumn” to ensure the supply of oil, and win the wide praise from government entities at all levels and all circles in the society. HNPC in development and innovation made great success, which further manifests image and influence. 

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NO. 16, Zhengguang Rd,Zhengdong new District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. 
ZIP code: 450016 
Tel: 0371-87520290 
Fax: 0371-87520299