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SINOPEC Hubei Oil Products Company

SINOPEC Hubei Oil Products Company (hereafter referred to as HOPC), situated in Wuhan, is the main distributor of refined oil products of Hubei Province. It is engaged in sale, storage and transportation of refined oil, natural gas, lube oil, fuel oil and so on. The predecessor of HOPC was known as Hubei Petroleum Corporation which was build up in 1953. HOPC was rearranged under China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation in July 1998, and was restructured in April 2000. 

During reformation and development of the past 50 years, especially the leap-forward development of having been reorganized by SINOPEC, HOPC has basically established a modernized storage and transport network of refined oil products with reasonable distribution, perfect facilities, complete function, strong back-up technical, creditable reputation, retail and wholesale networks throughout the urban and rural areas. IN brief, HOPC has obtained remarkable progress in management service function and enterprise integral strength, developed itself into an oil products sales enterprise with greater competitiveness and dominance. By the end of the 2011, HOPC had Saled refined oil 566 tons,, Total assets achieved 88.6 billion. 

As the main distributor in Hubei market of refined oil products, HOPC has always stuck to the purpose of economic development and serving people, fulfilling conscientiously the responsibilities on the project application, resources deployment, transportation arrangement, market supplies, as well as the balance of supply and demand. Moreover, HOPC has not only gained significant economic benefit and social benefit, but also made the positive contribution to the development of Hubei economy and society. 

Add:No.606 Jiefang Rd.Wuhan, Hubei. 
Post code:430030 
Customer Service Tel:+86-27-95105888;+86-27-95105988