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SINOPEC Guangdong Oil Products Company

At present, the Company has jurisdiction over 21 prefecture-level branches, more than 2500 service stations, 1650 convenience stores, 40 oil depots, more than 1000 fuel card marketing and charging points, and pipelines for petroleum products of over 1000km. With a total assets of 21 billion yuan, the Company has formed a service system covering the marketing network in the whole Guangdong Province and becoming better and approaching perfection day by day. In 2011, the Company has realized a total turnover of nearly 15,000,000 tons with sales revenue of 118 billion yuan, becoming the largest oil products supplier in Guangdong Province, and the largest oil products marketing enterprise of Sinopec and even in China. 

In 2011, with the development goal to build “the world-class oil products marketing enterprise”, the Company expands the market with the differentiation and branding advantages, effectively integrates the corporate resources, optimizes the running of the system and mechanism, and adheres to the principle of people-orientation, harmony and win-win in order to promote the sustainable development of the Company. 

Regarding guarantee of petroleum products supply in the market in Guangdong as a political responsibility, the Company actively and carefully organizes and arranges the resources in order to guarantee and safeguard the supply and the economic development in Guangdong. 

The Company is devoted to the green low-carbon development, and continues supplying clean energy. It takes the lead in launching top-grade 97# gasoline in Shenzhen, and 98# gasoline in the PRD regions such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and popularizes gasoline (IV for Guangdong Standard) in Dongguan, and gasoline (III for National Standard) in East Guangdong and West Guangdong. By taking the high-end path to prevail over with brand, quality and service, the Company aims at building the Sinopec brand image of top-level quality and first-rate service, and creating a bright future. 

The Company intensifies the “window” establishment, and firmly carries out the activities “serving the ordinary people for better achievements”, to satisfy both the customers and the employees, Through efforts made inside and outside, such as solemnly announcing eight commitments and seven commitments to the society and the employees respectively, collecting the opinions extensively, promoting the service quality at window units such as the service station, the business unit and the oil depot, paying attention to the employees’ appeal and caring about the development of the employees, it has satisfied both the customers and employees. 

The Company is bold in innovating, and actively develops the emerging business. By vigorously developing non-oils business, cultivating special goods and key goods, improving the facilities of the convenience stores, and enriching the functions, the Company runs a pilot plan to develop such business as automobile service, catering and charge payment, to build a comprehensive service center, speed up the construction of new energy outlets, and develop the e-commerce system, so as to realize “online recharge without going out”. The Company regards PRD as the center to gradually popularize the self-service refueling, and advocate the new consumption mode. 

The Company continues deepening the reform and improving the system and mechanism, sets up operation management department in counties (districts), integrates the operating resources, and expands the operating service outlets, to meet the economic development needs in the counties and/or regions. Meanwhile, it optimizes the position setting, improves the labor productivity, enhances the system construction, standardizes the operation management, and improves the incentive mechanism, to stimulate the corporate operating vitality and promote the corporate scientific development. 

Adhering to the principle of people-orientation and caring staff, the Company pays close attention to the rational appeal of the employees, does substantive work to help the employees, intensifies the basic-level construction, improves the organ style, releases the burden of the basic employees, opens promotion ways, and enhances the educational training, so as to increase the income of the employees, promote the employees’ development and growth, and stimulate the corporate harmony and stabilization. 

In 2012, the Company will carefully and effectively implement the work plan of the headquarters by closely adhering to the development goal to build “world-class petroleum products marketing enterprise” in the following ways: (1) to enhance the on-site service, intensify the brand building and improve the ability to serve the market through intensifying the customer management; (2) to improve the development quality, optimize the functional positioning of the service station and actively improve the network service functions through expansion; and (3) to lay a solid corporate development foundation and promote the Company to take new steps in a new platform through employee training, target management, and risk control. 

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