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SINOPEC Hainan Oil Products Company

Hainan Petroleum Branch Company (hereinafter named HPBC) is a mega sales company who subordinates to China Petrochemical Co., Ltd. The business scope of HPBC covers sales of petroleum, natural gas, liquid gas, lubricating oil, petrochemical as well as service for grocery store and automobile cleaning. HPBC is the biggest wholesale and retail enterprise for oil product in both land and sea in Hainan Province. 

The General Petroleum Corporation of Hainan Province, origin of HPBC, was founded in 1953. In September 1998, it was wholly transferred to China Petrochemical Group Company. In April 2000, in accordance with the reorganization of China Petrochemical Group Company, the main business of the General Petroleum Corporation of Hainan Province was put into HPBC integrated in China Petrochemical Co., Ltd. 

HPBC effectively plays the main roll to supply the oil product for the development of the industry, the fishery, the tourism, the agriculture and other trade of the whole province. It offers clean energy and outstanding service to the ecological Hainan Province. For many years, the company’s development and growth have been widely recognized by government and society. HPBC was successively awarded many titles of honor, such as “Outstanding Enterprise of Hainan Province”, “Key Taxpaying Enterprise in Hainan Province”, “Enterprise great contribution to the industrial development of Hainan Province”, “Enterprise good faith performance in Hainan Province”, “Innovation in the ideology political work in Hainan Province”, “The advanced branch for financial management in China Petrochemical Co., Ltd” ,“Top 10 enterprises in Hainan Province”and so on. 

Address: No. 163,binhaiAV, Haikou city, Hainan Province. 
Post Code:570311 
Tel:(0898) 68680800 
Fax:(0898) 68680909