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SINOPEC Guizhou Oil Products Company

Sinopec Guizhou Oil Products Company (hereinafter referred to as Guizhou Company) is a wholly owned enterprise of China Petroleum Chemical Industry Co.LTD. It is located at NO.21 Jiefang road, Guiyang city, Guizhou province. Guizhou Company is the largest petroleum products sales company in Guizhou province. 

Guizhou Company sets up branch companies in 9 Prefecture-level cities of Guizhou Province, and sets up county company according to the counties level’s administrative division. Guizhou company’s key business activities include: the marketing of oil, inclusive of gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil, fuel oil, etc; The operation of convenience stores, selling wine, cigarette, grain, cooking oil, agricultural products, magazine, newspaper, etc. All these business rely on a large marketing network, which is constructed by 10 large or medium-sized oil depots, 1 logistics distribution of central warehouse, 770 operating petrol stations and 664 YiJie convenience stores that cover all the central cities, state roads, provincial roads, the main highway and rural areas of the province. 

Guizhou Company endeavors to make contribution to Sinopec’s journey to the world-class energy and chemical company. 2011, under the correct leadership of the group company and the sales department, Guizhou Company made steady progress in management and sold 3.27 million tons of oil, an increase of 21.8% compared with last year. 

Guizhou company endeavors to ensure the oil products for the great-leap-forward development of Guizhou province. We are always the main supply of oil products in Guizhou. Abundant supply of resource, adequate quality of product, wide range of petrol stations, rigorous supervise of IC card, high quality of service, these advantages help us to win trust of our clients. 

Guizhou company endeavors to provide superior quality of service to consumers. We put “Every drop of oil is a commitment” into practice. We are qualified both in quantity and quality in 2011. All the petrol station are making great effort to be the customer satisfaction station. Besides warm and standard services to their customers, they also provide value added services, such as mobile phone charge box, free hot water, free roadside assistance and so on. 

Guizhou company endeavors to create favorable work conditions for employees. Provide employees more chances to be trained, to learn and to promote. Employee mess hall, dormitory and reading room are built in the station. The views of the employees are listened attentively. All these efforts are to make a harmonious enterprise. 

In 2012, Guizhou company will expand a stronger market, provide better service, perform the social responsibility of a state-owned enterprise, and to make new contribution to group company and to Guizhou province. 

Address: Guizhou Petrochemical Building, No. 21 Jiefang Road, Guiyang, Guizhou , PRC. 
Postcode: 550002 
Fax: 0851-5985810 
Tel: 0851-5986622