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SINOPEC Yunnan Oil Products Company

Sinopec Yunnan Oil Products Company (YOPC) is the direct sales company under the Sinopec Group. It is the most powerful sales corporation about refined oil products in Yunnan Province, which is responsible for the retail, direct-sale and wholesale of petroleum, diesel fuel, lubricating oil, the other petrochemical products, and “Ejoy” Convenience Store. 

The predecessor of YOPC was Yunnan Petroleum Company, which was founded in 1952, and it was merged by Sinopec Group in 1998. In 2000, Sinopec Group integrated the core business of Yunnan Petroleum Company, and established the Sinopec Yunnan Oil Products Company. In recent years, through the reformation and development, the YOPC is booming in sales, profits, assets quality and competence. Operating units have covered the whole Yunnan Province. YOPC currently has 13 oil depots (The total capacity is 380,000 cubic meters), 600 kilometres Oil Transportation pipeline, more than 1100 petrol stations, 600 “Ejoy” Convenience Store, and the total assets is RMB 10.2 billion. Furthermore, it achieved the No.7 of The Yunan Top 500 Enterprises in 2011. 

In 2011, the operating environment was complex. However, under the correct leading of headquarter and sales company, YOPC developed the internal control and implementation, increased the operation management completely, developed the company’s competence. Based on “Serve customers and be distinction” and “Comparing, Learning, Catching up, Helping, and Overtaking” principles, the YOPC increased marketing network development, strengthened petroleum products. Therefore YOPC attained a nice outcomes of sales and improved the organization teamwork. In 2011, YOPC readjusted and improved “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, and instituted the long targets of company’s development. 

In 2012, YOPC will continue being based on the “Service, Quality, Safety, Brand, Credit” perceptions of development, increase the corporation’s sustaining development, cost competition capacity, management and control capacity, benefits-earning capacity, excellent service supplying capacity, human resource capacity and ideological and political work support capacity. It is trying to establishing the first class petroleum products’ sales & service company with standard management, excellent services, and advanced core competence. Help the Sinopec Group to be the World First Class energy and chemistry Corporation. 

Address:Shi Bo Building, 45 Tuodong Road, Kunming , Yunnan Province 
Post Code: 650011 
Tel: 0871-3115099 
Fax: 0871-3115210 
E-mail: ynsy@sinopec.com