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Sinopec Liaoning Oil Products Company

Situated in Shenyang city of Liaoning province, Liaoning Petroleum Branch of SINOPEC (LPB), a state-owned category I large-sized company engaging in the petroleum flow. LPB is the former Northeast Branch of SINOPEC Sales Co., Ltd. found in September, 2002.Following the important decision on adjusting management systems of extra-regional oils sales enterprises by the headquarter, the Northeast Branch of SINOPEC Sales Co., Ltd. was restructured and LPB was found in November, 2009.LPB subordinates 14 prefecture-level branches such as branches of Shenyang, Dalian, Dandong and Tieling, and 1 holding company. Main businesses of LPB are retails, direct sales and wholesale of petroleum products in Liaoning region, as well as sales of vehicular natural gas, lubrication oil, fuel oil and non-oil products. 

Through keen competitions in the market, LPB, with its own operating capability and networked storage & transportation facilities, has become an important supplier of petroleum products. The former business mode of LPB is just to focus on wholesale of petroleum products, but now the mode features that LPB focuses on retails, makes wholesale & direct sales secondary, develops petroleum products and natural gas simultaneously, and applies integrated supply and sales. Thanks to high-quality oils and superior services, LPB has won acceptance of consumers from Liaoning province and other regions, making contributions to the development of industrial and agricultural production, and economy of Liaoning. 

LPB will be around the parent company “building the world's top-ranking of Energy Chemical Company” development goals,“Good Faith, Standards, Cooperation, Co-Win”, and the enterprise mission, i.e. “Develop the enterprise, Contribute to the country, Reward our shareholders, Serve the society and Benefit our staff”, carries on and develops the good working style of SINOPEC, i.e. “Delicate, Precise, Practical and Innovative”. In terms of sales, LPB always follows the principle of “Accurate metering, reasonable quality, clear pricing and best-in-class service”. With the care and help from the SINOPEC group, SINOPEC Corp., party committee and people’s government of Liaoning province, the new LPB will fulfill its duties of a state-owned enterprise politically, economically and culturally by thoroughly applying the Scientific Outlook on Development, passing on, enriching and developing the spirit of "Iron man”, spirit of “Daqing”, spirit of “Leifeng”, and enterprise spirit of “Loving our nation, and invigorating the petrochemical industry”. 

Correspondence address: No. 51, Chongshan East, Huanggu District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province 
Postal code: 110032 
Fax: 024-86860772 
Tel.: 024-86860285