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Sinopec Chongqing Petroleum Company

The Chongqing Petrochemical Sales Company (CPSC) was established by China Pertrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) in terms of the new operational development strategy in December 2009. This brand-new subsidiary was separated from the former Chongqing & Sichuan Petrochemical Sales Company. The corporation headquarters of CPSC is located the central business district of Jiefangbei. 

CPSC executes a high-level management and excellent operational mechanism in the maintaining market profit with a highly market attitude and reaction. It contains warehousing, logistics, marketing and services as a whole sales package. The key business activities include: the wholesale and retail of oil products, the direct marketing of oil product, retail of vehicle CNG, the sales of lubrication oil and non-fuel services. By the end of 2011, CPSC has nearly 3,000 employees and its assets are about 4.6 billion Yuan. The assets owned by its five full subsidiaries, two preparation groups, three share-holding companies and over 250 petrol and CNG stations has serviced 38 districts. The company totally sold 1.67 million tons oil and CNG products (as know as 1 million oil and 98 million cubic meters CNG) and 45.2 million non-fuel business. 

The Sinopec Group is always looking forward to build the world top-class energy and petrochemical supplying enterprise. The CPSC developed from the basis, in terms of the actual environment, and hold the great opportunity of China Western Development in the city of Chongqing. The CPSC strives forward to promote the oil and gas network as the core enterprise competitiveness within 5 years and builds up a brand-new enterprise in the high profit and fast creatively efficient market share. The CPSC strives to develop its high quality networks, optimize the structure of management, and standardize the administration so that the CPSC could be developed better and faster.