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SINOPEC Jilin Oil Products Company

Jilin Petroleum Branch-company of China Petroleum &Chemical Corporation (Jilin Petroleum Branch-company for short) is a exclusively-invested branch-enterprise by Sino-pec co. which is located in the Changchun the capital city of Jilin province. Jilin Petroleum Branch-company is integrated energy and chemical company which the scope of the business mainly covers the sales of petro-oil,diesel oil, lubricants paraffin, natural gas and petroleum-based products and also manage to the business of convenience store. 

According to the strategy“Intensify the management to the intro-business territory, Expand the influence of extro-business territory. ” which is issued by Sino-pec Group Jilin Petroleum company catch the every opportunity to develop, exert full effort to broaden the terminal network, and the scope of business covers eight cities and areas in Jilin province and initially formed the operating structure in which the supply and sales on product oil and natural gas simultaneously developed. 

2012 is the second year of China’s 12th Five-Year Plan, Jilin Petroleum branch company will focus on the target of creating the international topping enterprise, fulfill the responsibility of “every drop of oil is a commitment” through the series activities of serving people and excel in the performances. All working staff will unite as one and positively make every effort to enhance the capacity of competition thereby making greater contribute to the economic development of Jilin province. 

Add: 11th Floor, Block B, Plaza of Bank of China, No.699 of Xi’an Road, Changchun 
Post code: 130061 
Tel: 0431-88409576 
Fax: 0431-88409576 
e-mail: jlsy@sinopec.com