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Sinopec Qinghai Oil Products Company

China Petrochemical Co., LTD&Qinghai Petroleum Company (which is shorted for Qinghai Petroleum Company) was directly under China Petrochemical Co., LTD. Qinghai Petroleum Company, the predecessor of China Petrochemical Co., LTD the northwest Qinghai branch, which was founded in June 2002. In December 2009,its current name has officially come into use by the approval of Sinopec Group. During the last few years, Qinghai Provincial Party Committee and Qinghai Government have fully supported our development. 

The main sales products of Sinopec Qinghai Petroleum Company are gasoline, diesel oil, lubricant, fuel and non-fuel products, which meet the demand of oil products of Qinghai Province and make active contribution to the local economic development. Our company has been formed to a certain scale with a powerful influence in the market during the past 10 years. We have 150 gas stations, 3 oil storages of our own covering all towns, cities and regions in Qinghai Province. 

Since the system reform, Qinghai Petroleum Company has insist on our manage notion of “realistic and pragmatic, powerful execution, careful management and harmonious development” by strengthening internal management and promoting external development. Internally to strengthen standard management system, vigorously promotes the internal management, and foreign to expand market network, we adhere to the principle of service, which are “high quality, and quantity, warm and convenient,” to expand our market share. Simultaneously, it has actively assist in government’s work at the security in the oil and the public assistanced, and it has conscientiously fulfilled “the economic, political and social responsibilities.” 

According to the Twelfth Five Year Plan of Qinghai Province, Sinopec Qinghai Petroleum Company will accelerate the development by upgrading its market influence, expanding market share and other aspects to match the social development. The saving and transportation capacity of our own oil storages will also be increased so as to contribute its due share to the economic and social development of Qinghai Province. 

Looking into the future, Sinopec Qinghai Petroleum Company will further manage under the guidance of scientific development and dedicate to provide clean, high-qualified and reliable energy product, meanwhile, we will always sparkplug and perform Corporate Social Responsibility, Economic Responsibility, Political Responsibility with an even higher fighting spirit, and carry on the spirit of “shortage of oxygen at Qinghai Plateau but without shortage of working ideas”. We will make Qinghai Petroleum Company bigger and stronger, and make China Petrochemical’s Zhaoyang Flag flying high in Qinghai-Tibet plateau. 

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