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Sinopec Chemical Sales Company

Founded on May 10, 2005, Sinopec Chemical Products Sales Company (hereinafter referred to as SCS) is a subsidiary of Sinopec Corp. specialized in comprehensive arrangement of Sinopec petrochemical products, marketing, sales, logistics and customer service, and procuring and supplying chemical feedstock for Sinopec’s productive subsidiaries. Sinopec Chemical Sales Co., Ltd was founded on February 2, 2009, which means that SCS finished the chemical product domestic and foreign trade integration and realize the integrated operation.

SCS is the largest trading company with an annual chemical turnover of more than 36 million tons , integrating domestic and international trade of petrochemical products, mainly including synthetic resin, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber feedstock and polymers, synthetic fiber products and organic chemical feedstock.

Headquartered in Beijing, SCS consists of four regional branches located respectively in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan. These branches are entrusted by SCS to be respectively responsible in four regions -- North China, East China, South China and Central China. The representative offices of the branches are set up in major target markets of China and new transit warehouses are established in major consumer areas for customer-focus and better service. 
SCS also established Jiangsu Branch operating chemical product warehousing and retail in Jiangsu Province. As the wholly-owned subsidiary by SCS based in Hong Kong, Sinopec International (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd mainly imports and exports chemical products and procures chemical feedstock for Sinopec plants.

SCS has established a domestic leading E-platform with an ERP-based system seamlessly integrating the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, the Logistics Information System (LIS), the Business Information Warehouse (BW) System and the IC electronic delivery order system. In addition, the company has set up a commerce, a logistics and a business management platform to provide full support to its business operation and management sectors.

To provide better service, SCS established customer service center in 2009 (Hot line: 400-818-9100). By means of advanced integrated call center and CRM platform, SCS keeps extending service content and innovating service mode to provide one-stop consultation and service, and realizes the real-time communication with customers. The customer-demand, message feedback and suggestion making can be implemented on line. The real-time searching for orders, current account and payment balance, etc. could realize the interactive communication and information sharing between SCS and customers, which implement value added service.

There is a perfect logistics service system of SCS. SCS efficient and effective delivery service can be realized by the long-term partnership with leading logistics enterprises and transit warehouses in major target markets. SCS is also in charge of all Sinopec private freight railway lines scheduling. The Logistics Information System (LIS), which has data integration with the ERP, CRM, IC card, TMIS (railway) and GPS (highway,waterway) systems, realizes the entire process- dynamic management by tracking and monitoring its logistics business and the operation of transport facilities in real time. SCS provides efficient one-stop logistics services for satisfying the customers needs maximally.

Business Philosophy 
With the management philosophy of Integrity, Discipline, Cooperation and Win-win, SCS is committed to Customer-centered and market-oriented. In cooperation with Sinopec’s other manufacturers as well as scientific research institutes, SCS provides high-quality products and services by persistently perfecting its marketing network and improving its brand image to create value for its customers SCS will achieve sustainable, effective and harmonious growth with strong resistance against industry cyclical risks; and realize the goal of becoming a multinational energy and chemical with strong competitiveness.

The Organizational Structure of Sinopec Chemical Sales Company.