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Domestic Cooperation

Shell (China) Co., Ltd

Partnership Overview: On Aug.28, 2004, Sinopec Shell Petroleum Marketing Co., Ltd is jointly established by Sinopec and Shell (China). The JV started operation on Jan. 1st, 2005, which intensified Sinopec’s cooperation with the multinational oil company in oil product marketing through exchanging views on service station management model, retail & sales technology and brand building, etc.


Partnership Overview: On Jan.1st, 2005, Sinopec BP Petroleum Co., Ltd jointly established by Sinopec and BP was put into operation, headquartered in Hangzhou. The JV conducts a wide range of business activities such as oil product sales, c-stores, fast food restaurant, lubricant replacement and vehicle facelift, etc.

The JV revamps Sinopec’s existing service stations by endowing them advantageous elements of both Sinopec and BP.


Saudi Aramco

Partnership Overview with Exxon-Mobil and Saudi Aramco: On Mar.28th, 2007, Sinopec SenMei (Fujian) Petroleum Co., Ltd was jointly established by Sinopec Corp, Exxon-Mobil (China) Petrochemical and Saudi Aramco (China). Starting operation on July 24th, 2007, the JV was the first provincial level refined products sales company and largest oil products supplier in Fujian province. The JV mainly engages in wholesale, retail, storage, transfer and transportation of refined oil products, lubricants and other oil products; c-store management, car wash, lubricants replacement, catering and other auxiliary services, etc.


Sinopec Corp. & McDonald's Strategic Alliance Agreement was inked in June 2006. Among the 150 McDonalds’ 'Drive-Thru' restaurants set up in China, Sinopec service stations have 18 restaurants, which provide a fresh new experience for customers to buy takeaways and adding gas without getting off the automobile. So far Sinopec Corp. and McDonalds have jointly launched 'Drive-Thru' restaurants in dozens of provinces and municipalities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hunan, Anhui, Liaoning, Sichuan, Jiangsu and Henan.


Partnership Overview: CNAF Group, CNPC Marketing Co. and Sinopec Marketing Co. funded the establishment of CNAF Co., Ltd with a total registered capital of RMB3.8 billion on the basis of CNAF parent company. As a state-owned aviation service guarantee company, the JV mainly deals sourcing, storage, transportation, marketing and fueling of aviation fuels for various civil aviation vehicles. As a would-be member of the IATA, the company assumes a dominant position in the aviation fuels sales market by establishing a distribution network in more than 100 airports nationwide and provides fueling service to more than 100 aviation companies both at home and abroad


SINOTRANS&CSC was established with the merging of China National Foreign Trade Transportation (Group) Corporation (“SINOTRANS”) and China Changjiang National Shipping (Group) Corporation (“CSC”) in March 2009. SINOTRANS&CSC is one of the key state-owned enterprises operating under the direct administration of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It is the biggest comprehensive logistics service supplier in China with world-wide businesses in integrated logistics, shipping and shipbuilding industry. SINOTRANS & CSC is dedicated to being a Leading Global Integrated Logistics Service Provider.

China Shipping (Group) Company

Partnership Overview: Sinopec Marketing Co. and China Shipping (Group) Company jointly founded Sinopec China Shipping Vessel Fuel Supply Co. headquartered in Guangzhou on December 30th, 2003. The JV exerts great influence on the coastal vessel fuel supply market by doing businesses covering sourcing, sales, storage and transportation of oil products, fuels, bonded oils, lubricants, materials, accessories and relevant petroleum products with an extensive sales network covering major ports. The company has well-equipped oil depots, terminals, warehouses and chemical labs in China’s major port cities.

CRMSC (China Railway Materials Commercial, Co., Ltd)

Partnership Overview: Sinopec CRMSC Petroleum Marketing Co., Ltd set up by Sinopec Marketing Co. and CRMSC through joint capitalization is a company responsible for oil product distribution targeting the railroad. Its main businesses cover the wholesale and distribution of gasoline, diesel, kerosene and flammable liquids.


Partnership Overview: In May 2005, Sinopec and Sinochem inked an agreement that Sinopec Marketing Co. and Sinochem Int’l Petroleum Co. would establish Sinopec Sinochem Oil Product Marketing Co. to engage in oil products sales in a bid to meet the demand of the two groups’ respective reform & development, production & operation. The JV started operation on Mar. 16th, 2006 in Beijing with its main business of domestic oil products wholesales. Currently, the JV carries out wholesale business to such end users as port, power plant, industrial customers and service stations in Southeast China, East China and North China.