Human Resources
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Sinopec views staff as the cornerstone for sustainable development. The Company firmly establishes the philosophy that talent resources are the No.1 resource and sets maximizing corporate value and promoting staff comprehensive development as the goal, coordinately advance staff development and corporate development. The Company constantly improves the mechanism of recruiting, training, utilizing, and attracting talented personnel. The Company broadens the channel to accelerate the growth of talents and actively explores effective ways on human resources development and management, cultivating a sound environment that various kinds of talents can stand out and fully display his capability, and realizing efficient development of human resources.

Staff Code

Combined with the new trend and characteristic of the company's reform, development and team-building, the company issued the "Staff Code" (2014 edition). Through extensive publicizing activities, the code implementation has been further strengthened and the code content has been aligned with the employees’ clear cognition and action.

Staff Relations

Sinopec carefully puts Labor Law of China, Labor Contract Law of China and other relative laws and regulations into practice, regulates employment management and actively builds a harmonious and stable employment relationship.

The Company signs a formal contract with staff according to the principle of “Equality, Voluntariness and Consultation”. All domestic contracts strictly abide by Labor Law of China, Labor Contract Law of China and other relative laws and regulations. All contracts with foreign staff strictly abide by local laws, regulations and international practices. All rights and responsibilities are defined by contract. Meanwhile, all subsidiary companies make contract management system so that labor contract can be strictly conducted and staff’s legal rights can be protected. By strengthening regulation formulation, improving management of labor contracts, regulating labor employment practices and properly resolving labor disputes, the harmonious and stable employment relationship has been consolidated since Labor Contract Law of China was conducted.

The Company insists on upholding staff rights and makes great efforts on playing staff’s role in democratic management and democratic supervision, trying to create a fair, democracy, pragmatic, and harmonious atmosphere. Through the staff congress, business public, "Leadership Complaint Open Day" and the other ways, the Company continuously strengthens communication with staff, maintains staff's right to know, lets staff participate in the enterprise management and effectively exercises supervision right, pays attention to staff’s opinion and real thoughts, effectively protects staff's rights and interests.

The Company attaches importance to staff life and makes efforts to research and solve problems with staff concerns. For instance, the Company implements system of paid vacation, improves catering service, working and living environment, and strives for a good working and living condition for the staff. Through various kinds of activities, such as sports games, singing contest and photography competition, the Company motivates staff’s collectivism awareness and team-work spirit, cultivates a relaxed and happy environment for public activities. Therefore, both staff health and corporate cohesion are strengthened and improved.

Staff Training

Sinopec adheres to the principle of putting people first and focusing on common development of corporate and staff, integrating the enterprise development strategy and employee career development planning closely, the staff training and development into enterprise development planning forward, strengthening overall coordination of employee training, so as to add value to human capital.

Sinopec stresses on building a learning-oriented organization and a learning team, contributes to building a training system with Sinopec characteristics, creates a platform for all staff to receive training and development. Training management system is constantly perfected , gradually formed a management system with overall planning and clear division of labor, an operation mechanism with orderly regulation and high efficiency, and an incentive and restriction mechanism integrated selecting, cultivating and appointing, Training backup system is gradually strengthened, training funds is ensured. Network, faculty, textbooks and other basic constructions have met the training demand. Preliminary built up remote education system .Training expense specialized on staff training is higher than social average level.

Sinopec and subsidiaries make annual training plans at different levels and classifications according to corporate development strategy, position capacity demand and staff career development demand. The Company safeguards staff’s rights of receiving targeted training, such as orientation, business knowledge and skills training, job qualification training and target-specific training. The Company also highlights staff’s career capability training and comprehensive quality. The on-going Tens of Thousands of Key Talents Training Scheme, Talents on Key Positions Capability Upgrading Scheme and All Staff Quality Upgrading Scheme will strongly promote staff education and training.

Talent Recruitment

Guided by the scientific outlook on development, Sinopec conducts talents recruitment to meet the Company’s development strategy and talent team construction. Insisted on the standard of having both ability and integrity, Based on the internal and external oriented, Facing the globe, continuously strengthen internal talent reasonable allocation of resources. Using the opportunity of the country's implementation of introducing overseas high-level talents "thousand plans", vigorously introduce all kinds of much-needed excellent recruiting everywhere high-level talents. Implement a development plan of introduce a group of, cultivate a group of, reserve a group of talent ,and according to general principle of highlighting the major, selecting the best, transparent process, and enhancing the supervision, the company recruiting high-quality university graduates.

Sinopec conducts employment work under the mechanism of general management by the headquarters and organization by needed departments or subsidiaries. The headquarters is mainly in charge of macro-management and coordination on major employment schemes. It is also responsible for working out policies, deciding employment scale, approving employment program, guiding, supervising and evaluating relative work. Basing on the regulations and requests by the headquarters, affiliates should conduct demand analysis, edit demand scheme, and organize employment work according to the approved scheme.

Sinopec warmly welcome excellent talents in different fields, jointly compose a flowery career and life.(directly link with Sinopec website: http://job.sinopec.com )

Remuneration system

The remuneration of SINOPEC senior management personnel consists of basic salary and performance bonus. Senior management personnel who governed by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of State Council (SASAC), their remuneration defined by Central Government-Led Enterprise Principal Remuneration Management Interim Measures and approvals by SASAC. The rest senior management personnel’s payments follow the rules of Sinopec Senior Management Personnel Remuneration Management Implementation Measures. The company sets up key performance indicators (KPI) as the achievement benchmark, determines annual performance bonus of senior management personnel based on annual performance appraisal. All data are collected from the Management Information System to ensure the fairness and transparency of performance appraisal procedure.

In SINOPEC, the core of base remuneration system for common employees is post wage. The company implements a unified basic salary system that basic on optimized salary structure and employees incoming growth path to reconcile employees’ basic salary with CPI, enterprise performance, position, ability and assess. The new system further strengthen the incentive and restraint function of the salary distribution. Combined with talent growth channel construction, Company set up the leading experts, top skills and other high-end position salary level to improve the salary system competitiveness constantly. Based on economic benefit increasing, compared with manpower market price, the company straightens up the distributive relationship among all employees constantly, to maintain their incoming steady growth.

Sinopec adhere to the people-oriented concept and care for employee's vital interests, carries out national policy strictly, in accordance with law, established basic pension system, basic health insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation fund system, fully pay all the expenses in time. Sinopec build enterprise annuity plan for all employees, it runs the multiple level endowment insurance system soundly and strengthen the restraint effects of long-term incentives.